Saturday, July 27, 2013

Completed: Floral Suede Skirt, Simplicity 2226

I present to you Simplicity 2226, in a fun black alova suede with metallic dotted roses. My first completed, wearable handmade garment! I am quite pleased.

I think my first zipper came out pretty darn nice if I do say so myself! Of course, I did have some fine help throughout this project. First, this was actually started in a class but we ran out of time just before getting to the zipper. However, I was lucky enough to find out a whole sew along was set up for this pattern! Noodlehead's extra guidance through the rest of the skirt really helped give me the confidence that I could finish this up on my own!

For my hem, I decided to try out this tip of marking the hem amount x 2 up from the raw edge, then lining up the edge to the line and ironing in your hem. Similarly, I marked 1/4" down from this first line as a guide for folding in the raw edge. Funny enough, just the other day I was looking at this little square I bought some time ago for a quilting class, wondering if I'd ever have a use for it. Then lo and behold, what does this technique recommend using? Perfect!

This fabric was really nice to work with. It didn't fray, it pressed well, and it stayed in place pretty well without pinning. I actually tried out the Clover Wonder Clips in both this project and toward the end on the tablet case instead of using pins. It always bothered me the little bit of distortion created in the fabric around the pin so Im really quite happy over these clips. So far they are working out nicely. 

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