Saturday, July 31, 2010

Progress Update

Quite a bit has been going on since my last post. Still got a ton of wips but I got a few things finished!
Here is one current wip, one of the culprits to my "finishing amigurumi sydrome." He is supposed to be a cute piggy. But probably for the last 2 months, he has been a little tooth starring at me from the window sill, pleading to be transformed into the cute piggy he knows he was meant to be.

Here is the second culprit. Luckily, this one stays in a box, otherwise I might go crazy from his cute face starring my down to finish him. I actually did get almost all his limbs made up but have yet to sew him together.

This belt got started as a plane flight project for my flight down to LA. It's currently hibernating until my flight over to NY which is in just a couple days! I love the basket weave look and the change from just doing sc over and over and over...

This next one is my first completed flower of 3 for my mom's birthday. I originally started this for a mother's day gift but that didnt work out. It took a lot longer than I thought since I ended up making a custom petal design. The original petals were coming out too thin for my liking. I did complete a full yellow daffodil with the original pattern but I have yet to get a back on it. For the third one, Im gonna try out this pattern.

And here is an update on my catan afghan progress. I've made up all the white disks for the centers of the hexagons and have finished all the meadow spaces. Those needed to get done first because I had rolled the yarn up to feed both ends out the center-pull ball and needed to rewind it for my next project asap.

And that project would be this! He is a birthday gift for my brother. This project was a little adventure. It used a lot of strategically placed inc and dec to create the shape of the head and a little in the body and legs. This is very good experience for if/when I try out designing my own amigurumi!

I also made a quick bookmark for my bf which I havent uploaded pictures of yet. I am also quickly working on finishing a jigglypuff for a friend's birthday before my flight to NY! She involves some felt embellishments which I am hesitating on but I know I must take on this adventure with open arms!

Soon I will have to get started on christmas gifts. I have one, maybe 2 blankets I want to make which will take quite a bit of time. Im hoping I can finish these wips before then!