Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Buttoning Up

Sorry for neglecting to post for so long. Between school work and crocheting, I just didn't have the time! How do you all find time for such regular posting? I'm getting backed up on all the things I want to post about!

With the temperature creeping down, more coats being buttoned up, and me stalling on sewing on my first buttons to a project!, I though I'd show off my first button hole!

You may recognize this. It's my first knitting project, rearing it's ugly head again. So sticking with the idea for a scarflet, it came time to learn button holes! I followed this wonderful tutorial. Having it only on one row kept it from messing with the pattern too much.

If you are wondering why I have a random piece of orange yarn through my work, may I introduce you to the wonders of a lifeline! I am very glad I came across this before I got to my button hole because it really did come in handy. My first button hole was not centered properly so I had to rip back. I decided to keep it in there just in case I change my mind about where I need it or something. You can also insert a lifeline further down on your work too if you find a mistake.

In other news, I did get some work in on that CAL. The pumpkin is done, I just need to work out the decorations, which I have less than a week to finish if I want to make it into the contest. ~.~ Also, the lovely designer of this pumpkin is hosting another giveaway for this super cute dust kitty! You have till the end of the month to enter!