Sunday, June 13, 2010


Had to keep myself away for a little bit since my classes were ending with finals and stuff. I did still get a bit of progress done on the afghan though. Here is the one blue one I promised a picture of:
So currently I am at 6 hexagons completed out of a total of 37. Ignoring the amount of work still ahead of me, this project is still driving me crazy! My perfectionist side is getting the better of me over this. The first headache happened when I was trying to figure out if I should be leaving a long tail for joining or not. (I actually still have not cut the blue one...) Then I finally found out why Ravelry has RHSS listed as Aran weight instead of worsted like the label states. Some of my hexagons are coming out larger than others since I mixed brands. Lesson learned! Luckily, the larger ones are just about the same size with one row less than the others. I also keep experimenting and discovering new ways the join rounds. Almost every hexagon so far is just a little or a lot different than the others. It's a good thing this isn't a gift or there would be a lot more frogging going on. I notice I get extra anal over gifts.

My WIP pile is starting to grow and I am not happy. When I started crocheting, I said I have to make sure to finish everything before I start something new because I just know it will not get finished. Right now, it's mainly two amigurumi which might be the problem. I wonder if anyone has made up a name for this syndrome I think I may have fallen into. It's like the Second Sock Syndrome, I've noticed a few other sufferers on Rav. This is where you start your ami's body and head but then it sits there waiting for it's appendages you keep putting off. One person's solution was to make sure to do the small bits first. Very shortly I will have to put down the afghan and start a new ami for my brother's birthday gift due early July. If I notice myself stalling on the small bits for this guy too, I may have to take up that solution.

Lastly for this post, here is that knitted scarf I mentioned earlier:
I found these needles in the basement. They are a size 6, a bit small for the RH but it's what I had so I'm making due with it. This site was the most helpful for me. As with crochet, watching a few videos was sufficient for getting me going. I got the hang of the knit and purl stitches pretty quickly and I definitely prefer the English method. Since all that seemed easy enough, I went off to find a simple pattern to work into my scarf. Quickly ended up deciding on the Garter Stitch Steps. (I must have been in an impatient mood because now I see a whole bunch I almost like better!) I wanted a thin scarf, mostly so it would work up faster. (Knitting really goes so much slower than crochet, at least for me right now!) I divided the pattern in half pretty much so each "step" is 2 stitches long instead of 4. I used the single cast-on and made it 12 stitches long. My stitches started out really tight making the beginning bit quite stiff. If throwing it in the wash doesn't fix it up enough I might find out exact what happens when you "kill " acrylic. Yay another adventure! I am finally loosening up though. I'm also thinking of just making if a scarflet (again this takes too long!) and working in some button holes. Right now, it's just barely long enough to make it around my neck. My edges are pretty horrible too but Im gonna ignore them. I did find some tips on how to fit that a bit for my next project though.

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