Saturday, June 5, 2010

Full of New Adventures

So the reason I finally sat down and started up a blog today is: I have done so many new things in the last few days, why not add something else!

I think the biggest one is a started knitting. This is why the title of my blog does not only say crochet. I hope I can learn and improve my knitting alongside my crochet! Right now I just have a small bit of a scarf. I'll try to get a picture up here so you can all laugh at it!

Another adventure I had just yesterday was I wound my first two center-pull balls. Probably my most fun adventure, I used the thumb mention and what could be more fun than having a huge ball of yarn coming out of your hand!

The reason I wound these two balls up also leads to some new things for me. One is I will be crocheting with doubled yarn for the first time. Two, I will be joining rounds instead of spirals for the first time. And three, I will be making my first afghan! I already got the first piece made up. I wish it was light out still so I could get these pictures taken but I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow.

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