Friday, July 12, 2013

Completed: Nexus Tablet Case

Yes! I finally got something finished! And Im mostly pleased with it.

I did end up having a few issues at the end. The one large pocket ended up being a tad small for the board. I restitched the seam once but the topstitching ate up the extra space again. You might notice in the above picture how the case curves up at the bottom under the tablet. I think that might be from the board being to snug or those bottom triangles being stressed. If I make one again, Id like to find a solution to that.

Next up on my plate is to finish a skirt I started in a sewing class some time ago, using Simplicity 2226. I think all that's left is to finish the waistband and hem it. I also have a costume I need to start on. It's for an event at the end of August, but it will be my first costume and first dress so I dont want to end up rushing through it. 

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