Saturday, July 6, 2013

What Am I Working On

So to start this off, let's see what Im working on right now.

Here are the supplies for my BF's soon the be Nexus tablet case, made following this tutorial. Im using a 21W brown corduroy for the outside and brown symphony broadcloth for the interior and lining. I decided to try out using a fleece rem in place of batting to save a bit, since I dont have any batting scraps.

Ive gotten as far as finishing up the interior and am about to sew on the button. I need the BF to bring me the nexus so I can get the elastic positioned right before I can sew it all up. So far the only thing Ive done differently is to carefully topstitch closed the board cases by machine rather than by hand. (I will avoid handstitching wherever possible!) I also plan to sew the button on 2.5" from the edge, rather than the stated 3".  Pretty sure that's left over from her case which is for a larger tablet. Being that the nexus is only 4.75" wide, 3" didnt really make sense. 

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