Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quick Gifts to Soothe the Soul

I mentioned this bookmark in an earlier post. This came about one day when I discovered crocheting can be quite therapeutic. I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed that day. I was in a crumby mood and kept snapping at my boyfriend for no reason which just made me feel worse. So I locked myself in my room and felt I needed to crochet something new (instead of finishing a wip unfortunately). I decided it should be something quick for my bf and remembered he had been using a stray receipt for a bookmark. Since he is reading a sci-fi series and I had some extra yellow yarn, this star pattern was perfect! And I must say, crocheting this really turned my mood around (I'm sure it also helped that it was a special gift)! Remember this next time you need a pick me up, if you haven't already discovered this magical power of crochet. :]

Also on the topic of gifts, I recently gained a new furry friend!

He decided to drop in right before my trip out to NY and I just HAD to leave him a present before I flew out. So all in the ride to the airport, this lovely Squiddly was created:

This was my first experience with Homespun and never will I ever try to crochet something with this using a small hook again! It was just snag after snag! Luckily, since this would be getting torn into later, I decided to just do some pretearing of my own and rip my way through it. Never fear, while I may have not loved making it, it is truly loved now:

Also on the topic of gifts, christmas yarn shopping has been completed and christmas gifts are underway!

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