Monday, August 5, 2013

What Am I Working On

Tracing pattern pieces

Im making a bit of progress on my costume that Im aiming to finish by the end of the month. I got the bodice muslined out and it seems to have a pretty good fit. Might just have to take in the side seems a tad. Here you can see a rough little plan on what I have in mind for this outfit, please mind my limited drawing skills. It is a take on this little guy from an online game, trying to keep the feel but make it more my style.

This is gonna be a real franken-pattern outfit. The bodice I chose is from Simplicity 2442 but with a circle skirt. The cape will be from McCalls 6818 but adding a curve to the front and a big pointed hood, which will be modded off of Burda 8042's hood. At least, that is the plan...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Completed: Floral Suede Skirt, Simplicity 2226

I present to you Simplicity 2226, in a fun black alova suede with metallic dotted roses. My first completed, wearable handmade garment! I am quite pleased.

I think my first zipper came out pretty darn nice if I do say so myself! Of course, I did have some fine help throughout this project. First, this was actually started in a class but we ran out of time just before getting to the zipper. However, I was lucky enough to find out a whole sew along was set up for this pattern! Noodlehead's extra guidance through the rest of the skirt really helped give me the confidence that I could finish this up on my own!

For my hem, I decided to try out this tip of marking the hem amount x 2 up from the raw edge, then lining up the edge to the line and ironing in your hem. Similarly, I marked 1/4" down from this first line as a guide for folding in the raw edge. Funny enough, just the other day I was looking at this little square I bought some time ago for a quilting class, wondering if I'd ever have a use for it. Then lo and behold, what does this technique recommend using? Perfect!

This fabric was really nice to work with. It didn't fray, it pressed well, and it stayed in place pretty well without pinning. I actually tried out the Clover Wonder Clips in both this project and toward the end on the tablet case instead of using pins. It always bothered me the little bit of distortion created in the fabric around the pin so Im really quite happy over these clips. So far they are working out nicely. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Completed: Nexus Tablet Case

Yes! I finally got something finished! And Im mostly pleased with it.

I did end up having a few issues at the end. The one large pocket ended up being a tad small for the board. I restitched the seam once but the topstitching ate up the extra space again. You might notice in the above picture how the case curves up at the bottom under the tablet. I think that might be from the board being to snug or those bottom triangles being stressed. If I make one again, Id like to find a solution to that.

Next up on my plate is to finish a skirt I started in a sewing class some time ago, using Simplicity 2226. I think all that's left is to finish the waistband and hem it. I also have a costume I need to start on. It's for an event at the end of August, but it will be my first costume and first dress so I dont want to end up rushing through it. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

What Am I Working On

So to start this off, let's see what Im working on right now.

Here are the supplies for my BF's soon the be Nexus tablet case, made following this tutorial. Im using a 21W brown corduroy for the outside and brown symphony broadcloth for the interior and lining. I decided to try out using a fleece rem in place of batting to save a bit, since I dont have any batting scraps.

Ive gotten as far as finishing up the interior and am about to sew on the button. I need the BF to bring me the nexus so I can get the elastic positioned right before I can sew it all up. So far the only thing Ive done differently is to carefully topstitch closed the board cases by machine rather than by hand. (I will avoid handstitching wherever possible!) I also plan to sew the button on 2.5" from the edge, rather than the stated 3".  Pretty sure that's left over from her case which is for a larger tablet. Being that the nexus is only 4.75" wide, 3" didnt really make sense. 

Hello Again

I would like to attempt to resurrect this blog. I hope to use this to document all my projects, be it knitting, crochet, sewing, or whatever else I get my hands into! Maybe else I little on my life.

I also have the hope that this might get me more motivated to actually work on something! Since learning to sew, I've amassed quite the stash and backlog of projects. Add to that all the knitting and crochet projects I'd like to get to and I cant afford to sit on it all anymore!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Buttoning Up

Sorry for neglecting to post for so long. Between school work and crocheting, I just didn't have the time! How do you all find time for such regular posting? I'm getting backed up on all the things I want to post about!

With the temperature creeping down, more coats being buttoned up, and me stalling on sewing on my first buttons to a project!, I though I'd show off my first button hole!

You may recognize this. It's my first knitting project, rearing it's ugly head again. So sticking with the idea for a scarflet, it came time to learn button holes! I followed this wonderful tutorial. Having it only on one row kept it from messing with the pattern too much.

If you are wondering why I have a random piece of orange yarn through my work, may I introduce you to the wonders of a lifeline! I am very glad I came across this before I got to my button hole because it really did come in handy. My first button hole was not centered properly so I had to rip back. I decided to keep it in there just in case I change my mind about where I need it or something. You can also insert a lifeline further down on your work too if you find a mistake.

In other news, I did get some work in on that CAL. The pumpkin is done, I just need to work out the decorations, which I have less than a week to finish if I want to make it into the contest. ~.~ Also, the lovely designer of this pumpkin is hosting another giveaway for this super cute dust kitty! You have till the end of the month to enter!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Joining In On The Fun

I'm planning on joining my first CAL! And we're making pumpkins!

I already signed up and got the pattern. I just need to find time in between all my other projects to make it. :[ I already have a cute idea for how to decorate it too!

I also joined in on some giveaways. They're not really crochet related though I did find out about them through one of the amigurumi blogs I follow, berrysprite. She is hosting it for modeS4u, who sells lots of cute little items. And while entering, I found out they are offering another giveaway through this other really cute blog, hawaii kawaii. She has some much cute stuff to look at!